Thursday, August 7, 2014

HomeGrown {LumenoCity 2014}

Cincinnati can sometimes feel like a small town. There has been an effort in the last five years to transform the city, particularly the heart of the city. Last year Lumenocity, an illuminated concert experience, was held in Washington Park. Something like 13,000 people showed up for the event. I heard something about it in passing. But, I wasn't sure what it was and, honestly, I forgot all about it until my facebook and insta feeds started blowing up with posts from people who were there.

Because of the last year's enthusiastic response, this year it was a four night event. Organizers also set up Lumenocity village featuring performances by various bands, local vendors, craft beer sellers, restaurants and food trucks. We packed up the baby and headed down on Saturday night. By the time we arrived at five the main lawn directly in front of Music Hall was completely packed. I overheard that by 9 am there was already a line to get into the park! We found some space, unloaded all of our stuff and setup. We found something good to eat-chicken+waffles for me and Korean BBQ for the husband. Cooled off with gourmet popsicles from streetpops and listened to some great music.

At dusk we settled in for the show. And, what a show it was! Congratulations Cincinnati, you nailed it!            


Check out some of the great the great instagram pics from #lumenocity

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