Thursday, January 8, 2015

worn{back in the saddle}

I'm getting back into the outfit posting saddle and my first outfit of the new year is completely #basic. It's so every girl that I'm not really sure it's worth posting but you gotta start somewhere. And, I'm trying to earn back some of my style blogger street cred, although I'm not sure this ensemble will do much to earn me any style points.

I need to gush about these jeans. Seriously. These jeans are a  postpartum mom's dream. American Eagle Hi Rise Jeggings are pure awesome! It's like wearing denim Spanx. They're like maternity jeans without the shame. They are stretchy and soft and containing the post baby bulge like a champ. Go get you a pair!

I also decided to hit publish on this post because in spite of it's simplicity I felt good in this. If I'm going to be honest, days where I feel good about my body and the way I look are few are far between so it's nice to be able to look at these pics and think that maybe a little piece of my former self is still in there.

details:button down-target|jeans-american eagle|cardigan-american eagle|boots-so old I have no idea 

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