Monday, August 11, 2014


Want-We have a Moby Wrap and I love it. It's so easy to wear Rowan when I'm doing things around the house or when we're out grocery shopping. Sometimes it's much easier to pop him in it instead of dealing with the stroller.  My only complaint is that the heavy cotton material is so hot. I came across the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries and I've been lusting after a Sakura Bloom  ring sling ever since.

Need- I'm not one of those people who ran around wanting more hours in the day. Since Rowan's arrival I'm having a hard time managing all. the. things. As soon as I feel like I'm making progress on one thing I look up and I suddenly there are five other things that have been added to my list. It's so freaking maddening! But, I'm sure with time-no pun intended-I'll figure it out.

Wear-I've been in a bit of a style rut. My life has changed. My body has changed. The things I'm drawn to lately have an easy quality to them. Bohemian meets preppy. I dig this dress from Anthropologie.   

Read-I read an article about Misty Copeland when she was named as an American Ballet Theatre soloist. My interest was piqued once again when she was one of the guest judges on So You Think You Can Dance. I just added her autobiography to my reading list.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

HomeGrown {LumenoCity 2014}

Cincinnati can sometimes feel like a small town. There has been an effort in the last five years to transform the city, particularly the heart of the city. Last year Lumenocity, an illuminated concert experience, was held in Washington Park. Something like 13,000 people showed up for the event. I heard something about it in passing. But, I wasn't sure what it was and, honestly, I forgot all about it until my facebook and insta feeds started blowing up with posts from people who were there.

Because of the last year's enthusiastic response, this year it was a four night event. Organizers also set up Lumenocity village featuring performances by various bands, local vendors, craft beer sellers, restaurants and food trucks. We packed up the baby and headed down on Saturday night. By the time we arrived at five the main lawn directly in front of Music Hall was completely packed. I overheard that by 9 am there was already a line to get into the park! We found some space, unloaded all of our stuff and setup. We found something good to eat-chicken+waffles for me and Korean BBQ for the husband. Cooled off with gourmet popsicles from streetpops and listened to some great music.

At dusk we settled in for the show. And, what a show it was! Congratulations Cincinnati, you nailed it!            


Check out some of the great the great instagram pics from #lumenocity

Monday, August 4, 2014

Rowan Joseph {4 months}

This kid is already four months old!!(actually almost 5 we're a little behind on the updates!!) Where is the time going?! I look back at photos from his birth and I can't believe how much he's grown.

Oh, Rowan! You are the sweetest boy! You transitioned to your crib like a champ and have been sleeping through the night for several weeks. In the morning when you wake up you rarely cry, instead you happily talk to yourself until we come to get you.

weight: 10.6 lbs
length: 22 inches
milestones: rolls from stomach to back
likes: pandora lullaby station, story time and baths
dislikes: tummy time
nicknames: lovebug, chunks, chunkers, rojo

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Begin Again

So, I used to be a blogger. Five years ago I started a blog, mostly to find some sort of creative outlet. On paper life was good, really good. But I was so unhappy and looking for something of my own. I had great kids, a healthy relationship and a lovely home but those things are a collaboration in many ways. Maybe I was looking for a place where I was allowed or allowing g myself to be a little bit selfish. Whatever I created and shared was really up to me. And so, one day I logged on and started posting. It developed into a style journal. Which was fine, really. At the time fashion was really my only creative outlet. I was happy to explore fashion and push myself out of my safe style comfort zone. I met-virtually and in real life-some fantastic people. But my life changed. My daughters graduated from high school. I got married. I lost loved ones. I developed an interest in photography. I started a business. I struggled with fertility issues. We had a baby. It seem weird and incongruous to talk about about all of those major things in a place where I posted pictures of  my outfits. Attempts to merge all of those things felt forced. Honestly, I was over it. I am so proud of what I created there but it doesn't feel like who I am right now, in this moment.

And so we begin again. A blank slate. A fresh start.