Thursday, October 30, 2014

paperwhites+whimsy styled{bridal brunch}

I met Jen,of addieink design, a year ago when we worked on a wedding together. Sometimes you meet people and you just click!

People that work in our industry have met and collaborated with some of the best this business has to offer so it's always flattering when someone chooses you to work on something for them. Jen was hosted a bridal brunch for her soon to be sister-in-law at The Art of Entertaining a few weeks ago. It was an interactive event where the guests were to mingle and enjoy cocktails while cooking up a fabulous brunch with a private chef(what a fun idea!)

Jen created all of the paper products which included these whimsical invitations, recipe cards which sent the bride back to New Jersey with some of her guy's hometown favorites, and all of the signage for the event.

I styled the invitation suite for her. How cute is that envelope liner?!! For the shower itself I set up a vignette that played off of the slightly retro/industrial feel of the invites. We decided on petite arrangements in vintage milk bottles, silver sugar bowls and copper cups to facilitate conversation and work the flow of the room.

I love the mix of all the elements and the color palette.  


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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

rowan{six months}

Six months in and this face...slays me!! I love him so much.

This kid is the physical embodiment of joy. He has this chuckle that starts in his belly and fills up the room. Rowan has made such amazing progress physically and met many of the age appropriate milestones. In other words, he has caught up physically to most kids his age and his early arrival has not caused any physical developmental delays. He's still sweet, happy go lucky and greets us most  mornings with happy chatter in his crib. He adores his big brother, sisters and Henry(although Henry remains ambivalent about him).

I love you to the moon and back, kiddo!  

carrots,sweet potatoes,mango and bananas
the justin timberlake pandora station
mo willams books


chunks, row


Monday, October 27, 2014

homegrown{iron's fruit farm}

Yesterday it was 72 degrees and sunny. In October. In Cincinnati. So we did what every other family did. Headed to the pumpkin farm! I'm trying really hard to not be sentimental about every last first, as in, this is the last first time I'll take one of my babies to the pumpkin patch, but it's so damn hard! I've become so sentimental in my old age. 

Seriously, being able to soak in all of this little one's babyhood has been the biggest blessing and I don't want to miss one single thing! 

I think we were more excited than Rowan. He was not impressed at all. Also, leaves, not his thing. And, apple butter and apple fritters make the world a better place.  We were also those parents. You know the "we're just going to try and pretend our baby is not screaming his face off" parents. Yep. Nailed it!  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

september reading list

Thanks to the start of fall television my reading slowed down a bit in September. I'm kind of a tv junkie and at night when my mind is racing it's definitely much easier to mindlessly surf the internet while having the television serve as background noise. It will be interesting to see how the tv/book ratio balances out this month.

The Little Friend by Donna Tartt- I actually read this years ago. I read this novel and The Secret History back to back. I remember loving both of them but the later must have made more of an impact on me because for the life me I couldn't recall any details about The Little Friend. I decided to reread this after failing to move beyond the first few chapters of Ms. Tartt's latest, The Goldfinch. I've only managed to read the first two hundred pages so far but it's now obvious why I loved it so much-crumbling southern gentry, curious sister trying to find the person who murdered her older brother and family secrets. Maybe this will spark my  interest in finishing The Goldfinch.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman- I LOVED this book! This book is nothing that I would have chosen on my own. I'm not actually sure how or why I added it to my goodreads list. It is most definitely fantasy which is not a genre that really interests me. I can't say much without giving away too much. It's an odd tale about a boy and his quirky neighbors. The language is so beautiful. It's impossible to resist this magical world the author paints for us. I read this book in two nights. A new mom giving up valuable hours of sleep to finish a book has got to be the highest compliment you can give!  

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling-I read the first Cormoran Strike mystery last month and really enjoyed it. However, I found this to be meh at best. The mystery never really pulled me in. I stuck with it because I thought I knew who did it and I wanted to see if I was correct. I was! I'm always kind of disappointed if I can figure out the mystery. I do enjoy the character of the detective, Cormoran Strike, so I would probably continue to read the series. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

homegrown{walnut hills street food festival}

Saturday we packed up the baby and headed to Walnut Hills for the street food festival. I will bemoan the fact that I'm still trying to loose some baby weight all the live long day but food trucks are my jam!And, I'm not about to let any weight loss goals deter from feasting on Korean BBQ, gelato, gourmet popsicles, cupcakes and beer! 

We enjoyed strolling around listening to the live music and people watching. Rowan is such a happy baby. He loves being outsider. He spent much of the afternoon valiantly fighting off a nap and charming everyone with his gummy grin!

The organizers blocked off an entire section of one the side streets for interactive art. Kids were invited to create something with sidewalk chalk or paint a section of the street mural. There was also cornhole, a bubble blowing station and giant jenga to be played.