Tuesday, September 9, 2014


This past weekend there was a party to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday. The oldest of our girls is in the navy and stationed in Virginia Beach. We haven't seen her since she graduated from A School and left for east coast in March. She surprised us all by coming home and she finally got to meet her baby brother for the first time!

Her overnight visit was way too short and we hated to see her go, but fingers crossed she'll be able to get home again for the holidays!

I'm not sure when it happened but all of sudden my kids are so grown up. I know that my job is to raise them and send them out into the world but letting go is so hard.  

My mom, the birthday girl, and dad. They're both in their 80's and pretty damn awesome!  


  1. What beautiful family photos! And your mother is fabulous.

  2. Thank you!! I can only hope to be that fabulous when I'm 80!