Wednesday, December 31, 2014

oh, my heart!{my fab five}

My oldest daughter is serving in the U.S. Navy and currently stationed on an aircraft carrier in Virginia. She left right after Thanksgiving last year and has only been home for two very short visits since then. Having her home for Christmas this year has been the absolute best!

There's a photo hanging in our living room of the kids. I took it the day after I got my very first point and shoot digital camera. It's one of my favorites of the four of them. They hate it of course. I love that they are all so young, happy and laughing in the way that kids do. The only thing I wanted this year was for them to all get together so that I could take another photo of them. This time with their baby brother. I don't know if it's age or new motherhood that has turned me into such a softie but when I looked through the pictures I teared up a bit, okay, I cried, a lot. There have been so many moments in the last week sitting around with all five of the kids laughing, sharing bits of the day or reminiscing about their childhood where I closed my eyes savoring the moment. Thinking to myself that this was indeed "living the dream". The holidays will soon be over. Rian will leave for Virginia in a few days and ship out for nine months come March. Zachary will resume his senior year and all of the activities that come with that will take priority over hanging out with his mom and baby brother on a Friday night. The other two girls, Logan and Skylar, will dash in and out of the house to shower, change and perhaps catch up on sleep between commitments to work, school and friends. The energy in the house will be different-not better. not worse. just different. 

I don't know if we'll all be together next year for Christmas. But,I'm so, so happy I got the chance to snap a few photos this year. 

They asked me to take some pics of just them-the originals! This is the one that should be framed. Skylar taking a selfie(of course), Logan in mid speak, Rian laughing and Zachary happily tolerating the ridiculousness of it all. This is so perfectly them!  

I love this crew to pieces! 

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