Tuesday, December 23, 2014

homegrown{holiday in the city}

Many of the things on my holiday checklist have remained unchecked. There is a box of Christmas cards sitting on my desk untouched. I pulled out all of baking supplies but nary a cookie has been made. And, there were many holiday events around town that I wanted us to attend but those plans never gelled into anything more than penciled in dates in my planner. But, for every missed event or activity, I've logged hours sitting in front of our pretty little tree sipping tea with my husband and playing or reading to Rowan. All of those other things will be there next year and maybe I'll get ambitious and add few things to the list! Rowan will never have another first Christmas and these quiet moments with him and enjoying our family have been priceless!  

This weekend we finally managed to dive head first into the holidays! Saturday night was Christmas at my in laws. We celebrate with Doug's mom, step dad, his siblings+spouses and nieces and nephews. Rowan broke out his snowflake sweater and bow-tie for the occasion!

These two... peas in a pod! I'm such a lucky girl.

The one MUST do was visit Santa. I'm pretty sure that denying him a trip to see the jolly one is one of the things that will firmly place you on the naughty list!  We bundled ourselves up and headed downtown. Macy's at Fountain Square has the most adorable Santa ever! Rowan and I waited in line and Doug went to scout out the set-up. Back in line with us he told me they had a cute Santa to which I rolled my eyes. But, he was one hundred percent correct. Santa was cute and so sweet with Rowan.

 No crying Santa pic here! Rowan was firmly meh about the entire experience. He was much more interested in the caramelized cauliflower and bruschetta we snacked on before heading to the skating rink on Fountain Square.

We had such a great afternoon. I know Rowan won't remember it but I'll never forget it.

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