Saturday, August 2, 2014

Begin Again

So, I used to be a blogger. Five years ago I started a blog, mostly to find some sort of creative outlet. On paper life was good, really good. But I was so unhappy and looking for something of my own. I had great kids, a healthy relationship and a lovely home but those things are a collaboration in many ways. Maybe I was looking for a place where I was allowed or allowing g myself to be a little bit selfish. Whatever I created and shared was really up to me. And so, one day I logged on and started posting. It developed into a style journal. Which was fine, really. At the time fashion was really my only creative outlet. I was happy to explore fashion and push myself out of my safe style comfort zone. I met-virtually and in real life-some fantastic people. But my life changed. My daughters graduated from high school. I got married. I lost loved ones. I developed an interest in photography. I started a business. I struggled with fertility issues. We had a baby. It seem weird and incongruous to talk about about all of those major things in a place where I posted pictures of  my outfits. Attempts to merge all of those things felt forced. Honestly, I was over it. I am so proud of what I created there but it doesn't feel like who I am right now, in this moment.

And so we begin again. A blank slate. A fresh start. 

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